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East Coast

Exploring the Origins of the Maryland State Song

Maryland has always been one a unique state. Thanks to its position in the country, it is divided between both northern and southern culture. In addition, its cities, like Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington, all bring an even greater cultural diversity. At no other time was this unique position more pronounced than during the Civil War, when Maryland served as a northern slave state that nearly seceded from the Union. From the conflicts surrounding this event arose the state song of Maryland, which continues to be controversial today....(more)

5 Reasons Why You Might Consider Flex Car Rentals

Baltimore residents looking for an innovative transportation method may want to consider flex car rental. This breakthrough car-sharing concept has many city residents ditching full-time vehicles for short-term rentals. The motivation behind this idea is to provide cars to residents who only need them for a short time. If you don't have a friend or family member able to help you out, this option may just be the next best thing....(more)

Concert Venues in Baltimore

Several years ago, Baltimore was voted best music scene in America by Rolling Stone Magazine. This was no surprise, as Baltimore has a great selection of affordable concert venues, and a number of up and coming bands call it home. Whether you are a fan of independent rock or subsist entirely on a musical diet of 19th century German concertos, there is sure to be a concert in Baltimore for you. For musical entertainment, Baltimore cannot be beat....(more)

Catholic Colleges and Universities Near Philadelphia

Pennsylvania is home to several Catholic colleges and universities. Although you do not have to be Catholic to attend these institutes of higher education, they are a huge draw for college students each year hoping to attend a school rooted in their faith. Many of these schools are known for being excellent learning institutions, as they are some of the best post secondary schools in the nation. Their commitment to excellence is what helps to bring in thousands of applicants, both Catholic and not, each fall....(more)

Best of the US

Mount Laurel: A Town With A Lot To Offer!

Mount Laurel, New Jersey is a town with a lot to offer! One of our most popular locations in town is the Paws Farm Nature Center. It is home to many different animals that are cared for by the loving and attentive staff. Their passion for the animals is only matched by their love of educating people about the critters that call Paws Farm home. When the weather is nice, a visit to Laurel Acres Park is the perfect way to spend the day. There's a picturesque pond, several playgrounds, a beautiful nature trail, and all of these views can be taken in from the top of the hill in the center of the park. Mount Laurel, New Jersey has something for everyone so come and visit with the whole family!...(more)

Make a Trip and Explore Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Today

Located in the center of the Lower Peninsula right along US 127, Mt. Pleasant is known for being the home of Central Michigan University and Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. Mt. Pleasant has so much more to offer. Whether it's kayaking down the Chippewa River, or enjoying lunch at one of the local restaurants in downtown there is something for everyone in Mt. Pleasant!...(more)

The Sights and Sounds of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Waukesha, Wisconsin is a unique city, rich with history, located 15 miles west of Milwaukee. Famous for its spring water in the 1800's, Waukesha is also the birthplace and resting place of Les Paul, and is named one of eight Gibson GuitarTown's worldwide. Waukesha is also known for its award-winning parks and trails, its diverse art community and its historic downtown. Waukesha is also home to Carroll University, which serves over 7,000 students each year. No matter the season, there's always something exciting going on whether it is its family-friendly events like the JanBoree Winter Festival, the summertime Freeman Friday Night Live series, which features nine stages of live music and entertainment throughout downtown; or any of the countless special events that take place year-round....(more)


Shopping: Dadeland Mall

Dadeland Mall is one of the original malls in Miami and is still a favorite among long-time residents and first-time visitors....(more)

Coral Gables Restaurants: Giralda Under the Stars

Coral Gables' restaurant scene offers something for every palate. The Giralda Under the Stars recurring culinary event bring many restaurants together to an al fresco dining. ...(more)

Shopping: The Falls

Visitors come to Miami for the weather and the beaches but the shopping doesn't lag far behind. The Falls shopping center is an oasis in the middle of the metropolitan congestion....(more)