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California in US Travel

Can't Miss Attractions in San Francisco

San Francisco is often described by its visitors as the most European city in America. The iconic architecture, abundance of colorful flowers and the cable cars panting up the hills give the city a bohemian air, like an artistic combination of Zurich and the French Riviera.The attractions in San Francisco are plentiful and various, so that even the most demanding tourists will find plenty to do....(more)

A Guide to Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is just a 30 mile drive from San Francisco but it feels like a world away. This charming coastal city, which sits on the sparkling blue Half Moon Bay, thrives on fishing along with pumpkin and Christmas tree farming. A weekend trip to this corner of San Mateo County makes for a beautiful and relaxing escape. Here's how to plan a great getaway:...(more)

San Diego on a Budget

Sunshine, waves and almost-authentic Mexican food make San Diego one of the top tourist destinations in California. Unfortunately, the costs of staying in a hotel downtown, renting a car and eating out can quickly add up for visitors on a budget. Smart visitors can cut their costs considerably however, by following these tips....(more)

California's Most Scenic Drives

California is home to some of the most beautiful coastlines, rolling hills and epic national parks in the United States. One of the best ways to explore this bounty of natural beauty is with a road trip. Here are 12 gorgeous routes guaranteed to take your breath away....(more)

Where to Go in California Wine County

California is one of the biggest wine producers in the world. This one state alone produces 90% of the wine made in the United States. If California were it's own country it would be the 4th largest wine producer in the world! The area north of San Francisco known as Wine Country is responsible for some of the largest, most acclaimed wine producing regions in the state.With many hundreds of wineries it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to exploring this vast wine powerhouse. Here is a guide to some of the major areas in the region....(more)

Great Places to Visit in California

Underneath the hype of theme parks or the glitz of the movie industry, California is abundant with natural wonders and amazing sights. To get a true grasp, beyond Disneyland or the San Diego zoo, of what treasurers the third largest state possesses along the coast, underground, right next-door and undiscovered. And most of these must-sees take little or no cash, just the time and effort for the trip. Become a pirate, an explorer, a spelunker, feel like a dwarf among the giant Redwoods and Sequoias or you are in a movie cruising down the highway with no cares. Take the time for the nature side of California and the treasures are yours with these amazing places to visit....(more)