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Hawaii in US Travel

7 Vibrant Chinatowns in the United States

Not every big city has a Chinatown, but those that do appreciate the neighborhoods for their unique markets, shops, restaurants and teahouses.Chinese immigrants have been forming communities in the United States since the early 1800's. In big cities these neighborhoods, called Chinatowns, existed as a transitional space for new immigrants adjusting to American life. Nowadays Chinatowns are fascinating places to visit for a look at traditional chinese culture and food. Not all of these ethnic neighborhoods have aged well into the twentieth century, but some are still large and vibrant places worth going out of your way to visit.Here are 7 Chinatowns that are still busy and fascinating neighborhoods....(more)

Learn About Hurricane Season in Hawaii

If you are planning a family vacation to Hawaii, hurricane season may initially deter you. But actually, hurricane season is a beautiful time to explore the islands of Hawaii. Not only are hurricanes rare in Hawaii, but the months that encompass hurricane season are some of the best as far as weather goes. You can plan your Hawaiian vacation without worry of bad weather or hurricane season....(more)

To Go or Not to Go: Hawaii During Hurricane Season

Escape your daily routine and book a vacation to the incredible state of Hawaii. These stunning islands truly offer something for everyone, with activities ranging from surfing in the crystal blue waters to hiking volcanic mountains. If you are planning a trip, it is important to know when hurricane season in Hawaii is and how that affects the weather conditions on the islands. Here is a quick guide about hurricane season that will help you plan your Hawaiian vacation....(more)

Should You Go to Hawaii in September?

Planning the right time for a Hawaiian vacation can seem daunting. Fortunately, there really isn't a bad month to go to these islands. Hawaii weather is so beautiful year-round that you will always be able to do any activities you want. If you are considering going to Hawaii in September, here is everything that you need to know....(more)

Experience an Incredible Hawaii Sunset

Hawaii's incredible natural environment and warm weather are two of the main reasons that so many visitors flock to these islands every year. If you are planning your own Hawaiian vacation, wrap it up with a perfect Hawaii sunset. This is a list of the best ways to experience a sunset on several of the islands while you are there. Try out as many as you can on your next vacation to Hawaii....(more)

Enjoy Hawaii in the Summer

If you have kids, the summer is a great time to experience the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, the summer is the perfect time for families with young children because school is out, waves are high, and the weather is warm. Don't let the fact that the summer is right in the middle of hurricane season turn you off. The truth is, this is a lovely time to visit and the chances of having your trip interrupted with a major Pacific storm are really quite low. Plan a getaway for the whole family and experience Hawaii in the summer for yourself....(more)